Xander’s 1st Birthday!

On January 8, our little Xander Bear turned 1 year old! To help him celebrate he had his Grandma Edwina, Grandma Suzanne, Grandpa Ricky, Uncle Daron, and Aunt Michaela here. To commemorate his birthday we went for a walk on the property up to see the Blue Spruce that Ricky and Suzanne gave us. This […]

Xander and his Birthday Pudding

Because Xander still isn’t eating solid foods Grandma Suzanne made yummy chocolate pudding for dessert. Xander wasn’t to sure about it at first but quickly decided it was a very good thing to eat. He liked it so much that when finished his bowl and I said it was all gone he had a little […]

Christmas 2009

I didn’t make any resolutions this New Year’s which is a good thing because I’m sure that if I did one of them would have been to post more often and I would have already failed. Here it is halfway through January and we haven’t posted about Christmas or Xander’s first birthday. So let’s pretend […]

Rollercoaster Ride that was 2009

I would say that 2008 was a year of stunned happiness and absolute bewilderment. Finding out I was pregnant after so many years of infertility was wonderful but just kind of unbelievable. Even now, with the proof sleeping in his crib I find it hard to believe! 2009 has been a year of highs and […]

More Phone Photos

Xander loves to play with Ryan’s sweatshirt ties. I didn’t realize he’d been doing it for so long. This picture is from March when I was in St. Peter’s for surgery. So that Poppy Seed and McCoy don’t feel left out…


I just put Xander down on the floor and told him to go get his ball. He scooted over and grabbed his ball! Now it could have been a coincidence– that was just the toy he wanted to grab right then, or he understood the word ball! I’m choosing to believe he understood what I […]

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