Earth Hour

Today is the day for Earth Hour. Turn your lights off at 8:00 PM, local time, to help increase awareness of climate change. We’re going to take it a bit further and have a voluntary power outage for the hour. Which means that the server will be offline during that time today. The Climate Crisis […]

Car-Free Challenge

WizWheelz is sponsoring the Bentrider Online Car-Free Challenge. Join us in the challenge to do without your car for one month! The rules of the Car-Free Challenge are fairly simple. You go without your car as much as humanly possible from May 15th to June 15th. Once the month is up, you write up your […]

An Inconvenient Truth

As surprising as it is we didn’t watch this movie until last night. I just placed a hold request for the book at the library. I thought the movie was well done. It didn’t change my opinion at all, since I already accepted the facts of global warming. It did serve as a good reminder […]

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