WordPress Upgrade

This morning I upgraded the site to WordPress 1.5. The new version offers several significant enhancements including themes and page managment. I’ve migrated everything over. Now I just need to think about some new theme designs to add.

Switched to WordPress

We’ve switched to WordPress. All part of my plan to keep the blog updated more often. Right now there are just a few styles available but I hope to add some custom styles before long featuring our dogs, gardening efforts, etc. All of the posts from the old blog have been imported but I’ll have […]

Tracking information

With the beginning of our porch garden I’m creating tools to track our efforts. My primary programs are MySQL & the PHP language. The same tools allow me to manage our To Do List but I plan to do more for our tracking tools. I’m creating several databases. A Harvest database to record what, when, […]

Layout and tool changes

I created a new layout for the site this morning to be more like my writing site. A few differences between the sites but otherwise I have them more or less the same. The structural changes to the css file are more important — it’ll make it easier to change the scheme later. I’ve also […]

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