Happy Halloween!

We feel that Xander is too young to really enjoy trick or treating so we planned on staying in for Halloween. We’d make Jack O’ Lanterns, hand out any candy to trick or treaters that venture out on our little road, eat pumpkin pie, and watch a spooky movie (foregoing a true horror movie we […]

Jack O’ Lanterns

Ryan’s parents brought us some pumpkins from their garden and today Ryan and Xander made Jack O’ Lanterns to decorate the porch. Xander was very excited by the carved faces but he refused to reach into the pumpkin and help scoop out the insides. He especially liked pointing at the face and saying “eye” over […]

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

On Monday we went to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma. It was Xander’s first visit to a zoo, but it won’t be his last. We bought a family pass so we can go anytime. Xander had a blast. He loved seeing the animals but he also just loved seeing everything, as Ryan […]

Xander in the

pool. We got a small wading pool this weekend. We’ve only filled it a few inches, just enough for Xander to splash around in. At first he wasn’t to sure about the pool but once he figured out he could splash, splash, splash he decided it was lots of fun. I’m sure we will be […]

Father’s Day

Making it a tradition, Xander and Ryan got matching shirts for Father’s Day. We didn’t actually get a photo of them on Father’s Day but the next weekend they were both wearing their new shirts. Xander’s a small little guy, he can still fit into the 2009 outfit. It was baggy on him then and […]

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