I just don’t understand the fascination with fireworks.

Why is it fun setting off small explosives? I guess we’re a bit different than some folks because we tend to go to bed early and wake up early. It was quite frustrating to be woken up last night to lots of fireworks being set off around us in the neighborhood. Poppy, one of our […]

Snowfall last night

We went to bed early last night because I was worn out from work. When I woke up a couple hours later I noticed how bright it was outside and got up to look. It was snowing pretty hard and there was already two inches. If it had continued we’d have a lot of snow […]

Christmas on Sherman Pass

Sherman Pass in the the highest pass in Washington and happens to be in Ferry County, not far from the county seat in Republic. This image comes from the Washington Traffic Pass cam that’s up on Sherman Pass. Although the valley below hasn’t had much snow clearly the mountains around are having a white Christmas.

Highlights from Ferry County – 12/4/2003

Republic News-Miner News-Miner Inc Publisher: G.A. Graham POB #438 Republic, WA 99166 Phone: 509-775-3558 Fax: 509-775-3438 Published every Thursday in Republic, WA Subscriptions: $24/year in county, $30/yr out of county Each week we get the local Ferry County newspaper, the Republic News-Miner. Eventually we plan to relocate to Ferry County. I haven’t been good about […]

Job changes

For the last ten years I’ve been the circulation supervisor at the local library. It’s a beautiful building located in the woods and is an easy 1+ mile walk from home. The location has help us avoid having to get a car. Starting next week, however, I’ll be working in another library. The system’s other […]

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