Lettuce sprouts

It looks like the first lettuce sprout is breaking through the soil. It’ll be interesting to see how they do. I like winter (although it would be more fun with snow) but I’m looking forward to spring and our new garden efforts.

Basil coming back

Our best basil plant is coming back since I cut it off. I thought we’d seen the last of the basil but I guess not. Maybe I needed to cut it more often. It’s an indoor plant in a container. I decided to see how it does. If it grows well I guess we’ll have […]

Porch Garden

Yesterday I mapped out our little porch. It’s only ~11’x6′ space. I figured we could fit ten EarthBoxes into the space out there and still have a walkway out the slider. I think we’ll be planning for the spring. If we can figure out what we want to grow then in the spring we’ll order […]

Last of the basil

The only thing that I grew this year was some basil in a container. It didn’t do all that well. This next spring I want to try an EarthBox and grow multiple herbs. Hopefully it’ll work better. Even so the last of the basil was good. I used it with last night with some homemade […]

EarthBoxes look interesting.

I came across EarthBoxes while reading the Path to Freedom site. An EarthBox is more than a simple flower pot container. It has an integrated watering, fertilizing system. They claim that it’s a nearly fool-proof method of growing plants. I think it’s interesting looking at the Path site because you can see them actually putting […]

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