Easter Egg Hunt at Cider Mill

We went to Lattin’s Cider Mill for their annual Easter egg hunt. We had a fun time, even though it was quite chilly, but I don’t think it will become an annual event for us. Way too many people for us hermit types. They warn to get there early because parking was limited so we […]

Dose of Cuteness

Just wanted to post some photos of Xander. We went to Lattin’s Country Cider Mill again, this time with my Mom. Xander had more fun this time but was still mighty wary of everything. It’s a fun trip– go on a Saturday for their fresh apple fritter’s they are AMAZING!

Cherry blossoms!

The other morning Ryan went out early for a walk in the orchard and when he came back he asked if I had noticed that the cherry tree was blooming? Nope, hadn’t noticed it even though you can see it from the kitchen window! Since it turned out to be such a lovely day, Xander […]

Nature Crawl

We finally had a sunny day here last Monday and Xander decided to go on a crawlabout. It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed spending time outside. While Xander got in some good exploring, we cut back Scotch Broom and pruned some of the fruit trees. Have I mentioned how much we love […]

First Haircut

Xander’s hair was growing over his face making him look like a sheepdog. So last Sunday Ryan decided to give him a quick trim. Which is easier said than done. Xander would not keep his head still, kept twisting this way and that. I was sure he was going to get poked with the scissors. […]

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