Jam Packed Birthday Weekend!

Last weekend was a busy one. On Saturday we went down to the Farmer’s Market and bought lots and lots of fruit. I had ordered a water bath canning kit from Lehman’s and it arrived last week, now it was time to make jam! We decided to start with two strawberry recipes from the Ball […]

Bread Baking

With the sun out today it’s a perfect day for baking bread. Kate got the bread dough ready last night so this afternoon we put loaves out in the sun ovens to bake. [thumb:614:l][thumb:613:l][thumb:612:l][thumb:611:l][thumb:615:l]

Last Sunny Day

The forecast is calling for rain over the next several days so today was the last day to enjoy some sunshine. [thumb:582:c][newline] We decided to try another recipe in the sun ovens to take advantage of the weather. [thumb:583:c][newline] Once again the sun oven worked just fine. And the result? [thumb:584:c][newline] Marbled Cheesecake. Another dessert […]

Solar Brownies

Today is another sunny day so I couldn’t wait to use the solar oven again. We’d run out of snacks so a treat sounded good. We checked out from the library so I looked inside and found an easy brownie recipe to try out. [thumb:580:l][thumb:579:l][thumb:581:l][newline] The recipe worked fine. I made a few adjustments to […]

Solar Cooking

The day is clear and sunny. A perfect day for using our solar oven to bake dinner. We took a lasagna out of the freezer yesterday. It’s still fairly frozen but hopefully later it’ll be nice and hot. [thumb:576:l] [thumb:575:l][newline] The oven was up over 100° F after a few minutes. At the moment it […]

An Inconvenient Truth

As surprising as it is we didn’t watch this movie until last night. I just placed a hold request for the book at the library. I thought the movie was well done. It didn’t change my opinion at all, since I already accepted the facts of global warming. It did serve as a good reminder […]

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