Return to Yoga

A few months ago I started a yoga practice but despite feeling better I decided it was taking too much time. Lately, however, my muscles have been stiffer and I haven’t been sleeping well. Clearly I need to do something or my health is going to continue to suffer. With that in mind I’ve ordered […]


Last week I made tortillas for our chicken tacos. This is the second time I’ve made homemade flour torillas and my second recipe trial. This recipe actually had some cornmeal along with the flour– for flavor and texture. It definitely tasted better than the first recipe I tried but not as soft and flexible– made […]

Sun Baked Bread

To start off the day I used the oven to bake egg shells before crushing them up and adding them to the tomato containers. After that I melted chocolate to make some chocolate covered almonds. But the real fun came later after Kate’s sourdough bread was ready to bake. Not knowing how it’d turn out […]

More Solar Cooking

Yesterday I made sun-baked cheese sandwiches in the sun oven. They came out nice and hot but probably would have worked better had I preheated the skillets in the oven as well. Today we’re considering baking a loaf of bread in the oven. At the moment I’m baking egg shells to crumble up and use […]

Solar Cooking

Yesterday we used the solar ovens for this first time this year. [thumb:196:l][thumb:198:l][thumb:200:l][newline] We only reheated the pizza but it came out very good. I should make some individual pan pizzas the next time. The pizza came out nice and hot with a crisp crust. By the time I took the pizza out the ovens […]

Swiss chard lasagne

I made a lasagne last night which included layers of swiss chard from our porch garden – small leaves. The chard has hung on all winter even through freezing temperatures. Really a remarkable plant. I kept figuring it’d die off but so far it has done very well. Even as I start preparing the containers […]

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