Yesterday I made bagels! Years ago Ryan had made a soft bagel that was really good but we’d never made regular bagels. I had been craving some bagels so I decided it was time to learn how to make them. They weren’t difficult at all though they are a little time consuming. First you have […]

Yet Another Liquid Sunshine Day

Rain, rain, go away Come again some other day The old nursery rhyme sums up my feelings completely. Most of the time I actually like the rain but it has been wet, muddy, cold, and grey for far too many days. We got our last box from the CSA last week. We enjoyed our summer […]

Rainy Days

It’s been raining a lot recently. Today we’ve actually got a bit of sunshine. I took the dogs out for a walk a little while ago. We still have basil going on the porch but I don’t know that it’ll last much longer. Our last CSA delivery was on Saturday. The highlight was a bunch […]

So many tomatoes, so little menu ideas…

We have a pile of tomatoes to use. We have Sungold cherry tomatoes from the CSA, and a similar (if not the same) type from Ryan’s parent’s garden, small red tomatoes from Ryan’s parents, big yellow Orange Blossom tomatoes from the CSA, and our first harvest of Thai Pink Egg tomatoes from our patio garden. […]

The Amazing Shrinking Chard

Today was CSA day, every Thursday I take the bus down to the Olympia Farmers Market to get our CSA box from Boistfort Valley Farm. I was planning on making lasagna tonight so I had planned to get a lot of chard for it. Last time I made it I used the one bunch they […]

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

No, not the Judith Viorst picture book. Our day actually started out pretty well. I made sourdough waffles in our new heart shaped waffle iron and topped them with fresh, organic raspberries from the Farmers Market. Everytime I feed my sourdough starter I have to get rid of one cup of it. Instead of letting […]

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