Bread and Salad

Tonight we had bread and salad for dinner. The salad was made with our CSA veggies and the bread was a sourdough that I made. This bread was mainly white flour, only had 1 cup of our fresh ground wheat in it (need to grind more!), plus I added some ground flax seed. I prefer […]

Sun Cooking!

Finally! The clouds have pulled back and the sun is out so that we can use our Sun Oven. I decided to give it a shot at reheating a pizza slice for lunch. I waited until it reached about 300 ² F then put the pizza in our camp cook pot. A darker pot would […]


Today I baked my first ever sourdough bread. I used the easy recipe that came with the starter, it’s considered easy because it uses some yeast in addition to the sourdough starter. After feeding the starter and letting it bubble and brew for awhile it was time to add the rest of the bread ingredients. […]

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