Heat Wave

My third book for the Mystery and Suspense Challenge is Heat Wave by Richard Castle. If you’re not a fan of the TV show Castle then you might think that Richard Castle is a real author, he’s not. He is a fictional character on the TV show and this is the book he wrote during the first season. On the show Richard Castle is a famous author who decides to tag along with a police detective, Kate Becket, to get ideas for a new series of books. I love the show, I like detective shows in general but add in Nathan Fillion (from Firefly!) and you’ve got me hooked. The show is smart and funny and as you can tell I love it. But that’s the show. This is the book.

From watching the show I already knew some things about the book, like the main characters name, Nikki Heat. Instead of being partnered with a novelist she is partnered with a magazine journalist and I felt that the journalist character was the weakest part of the book. He just didn’t feel real to me. On the show when Castle comes up with an idea you can see where he’s coming from, how he got the knowledge that led him there. I just never saw where Jameson Rook had gained his knowledge. But that was the only part of the book that didn’t work for me. I loved everything else about it and definitely recommend it, to fans of the show and to people who have never heard of it too. Though, if you haven’t watched it you are sure missing out!

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