Today I baked my first ever sourdough bread. I used the easy recipe that came with the starter, it’s considered easy because it uses some yeast in addition to the sourdough starter.

Sourdough starter

After feeding the starter and letting it bubble and brew for awhile it was time to add the rest of the bread ingredients. After mixing and kneading it had a rise in the bowl. After the first rise, I punched down the dough, cut it in half, and formed two loaves.

Loaves waiting to rise

They rose for another hour and then got slashed on top.

After rising

Then into the preheated oven. Bake for 20 minutes and tadaa– Sourdough!

Baked loaves

For my next batch of loaves I think I will try a recipe that uses wheat flour, hand ground by us of course! I was going to wait until dinner to cut into a loaf, the bread sounds like it will go great with my sausage minestrone soup, however I have no self control– it smells too tempting. Must go taste my bread!

3 replies on “Sourdough”

  1. The bread looks so good–I can almost smell it. I think I got my first sourdough starter from Margaret Brown at the Unitarian Church. I can remeber how excited I was when I baked my first loaf. You have really gotten me interested in baking my own bread again. Next time I visit maybe I could grind some wheat to take back home with me. YUMMY.

  2. I’ll be sure to make some the next time you’re down for a visit. But Hunny, take some back with her. I don’t know about giving away my bread… even to my Mom!

    And Mom, I just have to be Sarah James for a moment (holding up placard): Unitarian Universalist!

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