May 15th Overview

It is hard to believe two weeks have passed since the last time I posted a porch garden overview. The clouds and rain let up a little today. I took advantage of the nice weather to spend some time with the plants.
May 15th Overview
This is how it looks now. The Swiss Chard and Teddy bear sunflower are doing well.
Swiss Chard and Sunflower
That’s the Swiss Chard in the foreground with the Teddy Bear sunflower behind. They’ve both been doing very well and are growing quickly. Since the last post I’ve transplanted some more sunflowers into the Earthboxes as well as a Siletz tomato and they are doing well. Our Thai tomatoes are growing quickly now.
Thai Pink Egg Tomatoes
The lettuce, spinach, and arugula continue to grow well also. The sunflowers in this box didn’t do well so I’ve started some new seeds to transplant.
Lettuce, Arugula, Spinach
Aside from our Earthboxes our other container plants are doing well. The popcorn rose bush has really taken off in its new location.
Popcorn rose
Today I started some more seeds. I still want a ground cherry to come up. I’ve also started some more swiss chard and sunflowers. The sunflowers will go into the Earthbox with the lettuce and other greens. If enough of them come up I may plant some in a extra pot. In addition I planted some more herbs. Lots of basil and oregano. We have some up in the herb box but not nearly as many as I want. Hopefully with the warmer weather we’ll be seeing more plants soon.

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