2007 Porch Garden!

We’re starting to get ready for the 2007 porch garden — but we still have plants from 2006!

The Fall-planted garlic is doing well. Plus we still have some kale, spinach, chard, broccoli, and a lettuce plant. The greens haven’t been growing much with things being so cold but they seem to be doing fine. The broccoli plants look okay but aren’t producing anything.

We’re going to be looking at more productive plants this year. Potatoes! We plan to order a few heirloom varieties from Ronniger Potato Farm. The potatoes will be grown vertically in cages with straw. Those are going to be in the boxes currently occupied by the chard and broccoli.

When the garlic comes out we’ll be planting zucchini in those containers, maybe some cucumbers too.

We’re also going to try some strawberries in the smaller containers.

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