Transplant Day

Today is Transplant Day! The tomatoes and zucchini have moved out onto the porch. First the planters had to be rearranged. The garlic containers are on either side of the walkway to make it easier to get things in and out given that the other containers have cages on them.

The Golden Rave and Beaverlodge tomatoes went in first.

After the tomatoes were in it was time for the Tromboncino zucchini. The first one is in the container with the chives. The other two have a container of their own.

With the plants in their new containers we added Kozy Coats to the tomatoes. Well, three of them because that’s how many came in the package. One poor plant is going to have to manage without a coat. Silver mulch went around the zucchini.
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The Top Hat blueberry was also transplanted into a new container. And the strawberries are already blooming.

Our other plants are doing well. A bunch of marigolds are up and nasturtiums are coming up. Peas and lettuce are growing in the side container. With better weather forecast for the next week hopefully everything will be doing even better.

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