2011 Stephen King Book Challenge

Book City Chick is hosting a Stephen King book challenge. Read 12 Stephen King books in 2011 and post about them– you don’t need to have a blog, you can do reviews in the comments section on her site. Ryan and I are both signing up for it. I must admit I’m a little irked on the timing– I just read Cujo! Which was a much more personally disturbing story now that I’m a mom.

I’m excited to read more Stephen King books but the whole reviewing of the books is giving me a panic attack, flashbacks of grade school, so we’ll see how that part goes. If you’re interested in joining us in reading Stephen King books sign up, it’s only a book a month!

4 replies on “2011 Stephen King Book Challenge”

  1. I think I have about a 50% success rate with Stephen King books, but then I haven’t read all that many.
    I’m on a YA kick right now, but I’ll look forward to reading your reviews. Will you be reading any of the newer titles?

  2. I believe Ryan is planning on reading some of the newer books. I know I want to read the Stand (and finish it this time!) and the first Dark Tower book (to see if I like that series) but other than that I haven’t chosen. Ryan thinks I’ll like the Talisman (? sorry, too lazy to go in the other room and check if that’s the right title) so I’ll probably read that.

    My reviews will probably be thumbs up or thumbs down. Seriously, the whole thought of writing the reviews is freaking me out.

    Okay, what movie do you write fan fic about?

  3. The Dark Tower series is AMAZING. I’m re-reading it right now. The first time I read it, I had a slightly hard time getting through The Gunslinger, but it’s a fantastic novel, and the series gets better with each book.

    The Talisman is also part of a two-book series; the sequel is Black House.

    Have fun with this challenge! 🙂

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