Sink Trap

My first book for the Suspense and Mystery Challenge is Sink Trap by Christy Evans. It is the first in the Georgiana Neverall Mysteries. When her job as a CEO of a computer security firm and her love life goes down the drain in Silicon Valley, Georgie moves back to her hometown of Pine Ridge, Oregon. To everyone’s surprise and her mother’s disgust she decides to become  a plumber.

I really enjoyed the character of Georgiana. She’s smart and funny, she has obviously been badly wounded but has gotten back up and is changing her life. Her relationship with her friends and her mother felt very real, the cute Airedales didn’t hurt the book either. These are definitely characters I want to read more about.

The mystery itself was pretty good, plenty of believable suspects though I would have preferred more finding of clues and less hearsay. This was a nice cozy mystery, not the least bit gory or very scary. Warning: While it didn’t contain tons of baked goods and yummy recipes like the Hannah Swenson Mysteries they did keep eating delicious sounding pizza and I am so craving it now!

Would I recommend this book? Yes, already put it aside to lend to my Mom and I’ve added the next two to my Amazon wish list.

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  1. Okay, I will pick this one up when I get a chance. I love cozies, and both of my remaining series have disappointed me with their last two installments. I’ve also had bad luck trying new series lately. I usually love the foodie ones too, but I don’t know…I may be getting more picky. :o)

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