SVO-Electric Hybrids

I’ve been reading about SVO and biodiesel cars this morning. No one seems to be producing the SVO-Electric Hybrid that I want to drive. Well, maybe we’ll have to make one someday. Right now we’re using the most non-polluting option — walking! Interesting information at Greaseworks about alternative fuels.

Raining today

We’ve had some rainy weather lately. That’s good for everything around here. The slugs and snails have been out. I see lots of them as I’m walking to work. Fortunately I haven’t seen them going after our porch garden. Aphids, yes. They haven’t been too bad. Since the garden is so small it’s easy enough […]

Gearing up

I’m getting ready to start designing our temporary shelter. Granted it’s going to be several years before we even buy the property but I want to design a small cabin that we can live in for a year or more while we build the house. I have several books in addition to the Ewing book […]

Fresh Mozzarella

Tonight I made fresh mozzarella cheese using a kit from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. It was very easy to make and came out pretty well. Since we don’t have goats in the apartment we did use store-bought milk but it was still fun. I used part of it on a homemade pizza tonight. […]

Cold snowy day

It’s cold outside today. The snow we got the other day has settled a bit but hasn’t really melted at all since it has stayed above freezing. The schools around here closed. So did the libraries so I’m actually home today. I’ve managed to get quite a bit of writing done earlier. We took the […]

New Year Plans

2004 is here! I am excited about the New Year. There are several things to look forward to: Planting our Earthbox porch garden. Paying off our only remaining active credit card. Possibly buying a car. If we do buy a car then we’ll take some trips over to Ferry County. Hopefully I’ll sell more of […]

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