The Dig Site

Our property has a hill rising up behind the house. The backside of the hill is probably the warmest spot here as the sun hits it at a nice angle. This is where Xander has made his dig site. At first he was just excavating rocks but now he likes to bring his cars and […]


One can pumpkin puree! I know, absolutely know, we had a can of pumpkin puree on the shelf. I bought it for a recipe, I haven’t made that recipe yet– nor anything else that called for pumpkin– so it should be sitting right there on the shelf! Halfway through the recipe I turn to get […]

Apple Turnover Murder

My second book for the Mystery and Suspense Challenge is the Apple Turnover Murder by Joanna Fluke. This is the 13th Hannah Swenson Mystery. Hannah Swenson is the owner of a cookie shop in a small town in Minnesota. She has an amazing talent, or is it bad luck, to stumble on murder victims. For […]

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

On Monday we went to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma. It was Xander’s first visit to a zoo, but it won’t be his last. We bought a family pass so we can go anytime. Xander had a blast. He loved seeing the animals but he also just loved seeing everything, as Ryan […]

Xander in the

pool. We got a small wading pool this weekend. We’ve only filled it a few inches, just enough for Xander to splash around in. At first he wasn’t to sure about the pool but once he figured out he could splash, splash, splash he decided it was lots of fun. I’m sure we will be […]

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