The snow was pretty much gone by the next day. It kept snowing until early afternoon — but by that time it was melting faster than it came down. Once it turned to rain the snow was completely doomed. The weather was nice yesterday but last night it started raining and it is still raining. […]

More snow this week

Earlier this week it snowed again: We got a bit more snow than the last time. But it was still wet snow. Snow kept falling until early afternoon but it stopped sticking earlier than that and was melting faster than it came down. Then it turned to rain. All of the snow is gone now.

Let it snow

It snowed Saturday night. We didn’t get much. The next morning it was still snowing/mixed with rain at some points. I took a picture of the field across the street while it was snowing: It wasn’t much snow and it was wet but that’s still more snow then we had last year. It’s all gone […]

Interim property

Our plan has been fairly direct. Pay off remaining debts, purchase a property, and save until we can afford to build our house. It’s the last part that’ll take longest. We plan to do the majority of the work ourselves but it is stil going to be expensive. Plus we wanted to have enough money […]

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