39 Weeks

Today is 39 weeks! Hard to believe that Alexander could be born at any time. His delivery date is just around the corner. We’ve been busy getting everything ready and it seems that we are good for launch. I’ll be off work this month to help out and spend time with Kate and Alexander. We’re […]

Happy New Year!

2009 is finally here! 2008 was a big year for us when we discovered that we were going to have a son. Since June 27th that has occupied a lot of our attention. Now Kate is more than 38 weeks along. Our scheduled delivery date is only a week away now! We’re ready. Especially Kate. […]

Alexander Tecwyn Williams

Alexander Tecwyn Williams is due to be born January 13th, 2009! His parents, Ryan and Kathleen, are very excited. After nearly 17 years of marriage our dream of having a child is coming true! After all this time we’d pretty much figured that having a child wasn’t going to happen. But then back in May-June […]

There Really Is A Baby In There!

We got our first look at the baby today! At our second prenatal visit we had an ultrasound to check on the babies growth (make sure the due date was pretty accurate). Everything looked fine, the baby is right on target for a January 13th arrival! It seemed sort of unreal to me, a blurry […]

First Doctor’s Visit

Our first doctor’s visit was today. Must admit it was kind of a let down. We only saw and talked to a nurse, and she was really nice and helpful but it was pretty much your standard intro appointment. We have to wait for the appointment with the actual OB to have the first ultra […]

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