Blurry Bunnies

I’ve been trying to get some good photos of the rabbits but so many of my shots are just blurs, those bunnies are quick! This is Bill. He is the most skittish of the rabbits. Nicki sometimes will let you pet her but she’s still pretty skittish.   And last is Margene. She is by […]

Rascally Rabbits

Last Sunday we went to the feed store for chicken supplies (this was before the dog attack) and we came home with chicken bedding, food, corn, and rabbit pellets, a bale of alfalfa, and three rascally rabbits! A buck, Bill, and two does, Nicki and Margene (and for anyone who gets the names we call […]

Bad Day

Our neighbors dogs dug under the fence and attacked our chickens. Peaches is dead, I found Patty and Ren (seemingly uninjured), but Stimpy, Mariah, Aplets and Cotlets are still missing. Ryan was able to catch the dogs and put them back in their own yard and then fill in the hole where they dug under. […]


Our worm bin received a fresh batch of bedding today. It has been getting too wet so I added a bunch of shredded paper. I think I need to spend more time checking on the worms. I’ve added a weekly to do item to my list so that I stay more on top of how […]

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