The Dig Site

Our property has a hill rising up behind the house. The backside of the hill is probably the warmest spot here as the sun hits it at a nice angle. This is where Xander has made his dig site. At first he was just excavating rocks but now he likes to bring his cars and […]

Blurry Bunnies

I’ve been trying to get some good photos of the rabbits but so many of my shots are just blurs, those bunnies are quick! This is Bill. He is the most skittish of the rabbits. Nicki sometimes will let you pet her but she’s still pretty skittish.   And last is Margene. She is by […]

Rascally Rabbits

Last Sunday we went to the feed store for chicken supplies (this was before the dog attack) and we came home with chicken bedding, food, corn, and rabbit pellets, a bale of alfalfa, and three rascally rabbits! A buck, Bill, and two does, Nicki and Margene (and for anyone who gets the names we call […]

More Phone Photos

Xander loves to play with Ryan’s sweatshirt ties. I didn’t realize he’d been doing it for so long. This picture is from March when I was in St. Peter’s for surgery. So that Poppy Seed and McCoy don’t feel left out…

Taking a stroll in our orchard

Yesterday Poppy Seed, McCoy, Xander, and I took a stroll up our hill to the orchard. The grass needs to be cut back and the trees pruned. Not sure if we’re even going to keep the trees. We have to read more about them. The trees are covered with lichen and that makes me think […]

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