Bread and Salad

Tonight we had bread and salad for dinner. The salad was made with our CSA veggies and the bread was a sourdough that I made. This bread was mainly white flour, only had 1 cup of our fresh ground wheat in it (need to grind more!), plus I added some ground flax seed. I prefer the taste of more wheat in it (and to think I used to beg Mom to buy squishy white bread!) but I have to say these were the best looking loaves yet. They taste mighty good too, just not wheaty enough for me.

Sourdough loaves fresh from the oven.

This is the 2nd salad we made with the CSA veggies. This time I grated up one of the beets and added it to the salad. Tasted yummy but sure made a mess. The salad looked much better when the beets were just piled on top before I tossed it. Note to self: add the beets to each plate as you serve it. I bought a raspberry vinaigerette for my salad. At my sister-in-laws wedding reception they served one and it was delicious so I’m trying different brands until I find one I love. This one (WishBone Raspberry Hazelnut) was okay but too sweet– part of that might be the beets though.

Salad and bread.

Posted especially for my sister Lauren, to make her hungry!

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