Letter to Senators Murray and Cantwell

This morning I sent the following letter to Senators Murray and Cantwell urging them to support Senator Obama.

Dear Senator,

On February 9th my wife and I went to our first caucus at Mt. View Elementary School. We first met when we were both eighteen, which happens to be eighteen years ago now. In all that time we’ve never gone to a caucus. We’ve always been registered voters and each election we’ve dutifully filled out our ballots. I say dutifully because there hasn’t ever been much excitement in our household about the process. That is, until this year.

We arrived at Mt. View Elementary School and were surprised to find a large crowd shuffling into the school gym. We made our way there and found our table. From what we’d read about the caucus system we expect a low turn-out. So did the folks that organized the caucus. Each table had a few chairs around it. As the crowd grew more chairs were placed behind those already at the tables. When those ran out organizers went out into the school with hand-trucks to bring in additional chairs. And when those ran out people stood instead and still the crowd grew. It was noisy and crowded. As we talked to those around us we learned that most, like us, were first-timers. Nonetheless we all managed to work our way through the process.

The entire room cheered when Representative Sam Hunt read the tallies which showed clearly that Senator Barack Obama had by a large margin won our votes.

Senator Hillary Clinton is dismissive of the results of the caucus, saying that it is “primarily dominated by activists.” If you define an activist as someone who simply votes in a mail-in election, then I guess we are activists. Maybe in other years the caucus has been dominated by activists, I don’t know having never gone before, but that’s not what I saw this year. I saw energy and excitement and a turn-out of people of all ages, and none of it was due to Senator Clinton. If it weren’t for Senator Obama we wouldn’t have gone to the caucus. We would have sent in our worthless primary ballot and simply accepted the result.

My greatest fear is that Senator Clinton will secure the nomination and the Presidency will be lost. On some issues, such as health care, I lean more towards her stance, but she will divide this nation as surely as Senator John McCain. The Republican party wants her to get the nomination because they believe that is their best chance to win the Presidency. We can’t afford to have Senator McCain win this election. Too much is at stake.

Senator Obama is this nation’s best hope. He is the most inspirational leader to come along in decades. If anyone has a chance of uniting our shattered nation, of restoring the honor and integrity of the United States of America, it is Senator Obama. I sincerely hope you will join us in supporting him in both the nomination and the general election.

Ryan Williams

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