Catching Up

We need to catch up on posts. Things have been coming along but we just haven’t been taking the time to post on the blog. I want to do better about that.

As the weather has improved the porch garden is taking off. Kate’s planted lettuce and peas which are up now. The strawberry plants are growing. The garlic and kale that we planted in the Fall are growing well.
[thumb:751:l] I took the picture of the kale last Saturday. It’s bigger now. We used the kale and the fresh chives on some hamburgers we grilled recently. Very good, and I’m not a big fan of hamburgers. Once in awhile they’re fine. We also had delicious pickles that Kate canned last summer. Speaking of canning, we still have lots of jam that Kate canned too. It’s all very good. Last year was our first year canning. The Farmer’s Market was a great source of things to can.

Going back a few weeks I thought I’d share a couple pet pictures too. It was a nice Sunday, February 24th, and we took the dogs out in the field to play. After trying and failing to catch the dogs in the act of catching the frisbee over and over we finally managed shortly before returning inside.

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  1. Ya know that I have never had a dog that would chase a ball or frisbee, much less catch the durn thing. Now the cat loves to play with a tennis ball and chases it all through the house.

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