No more oil

At Oil Change International they have a new tool that shows the relationship between the candidates and oil money. I sent the following message to Barack Obama.

I just went to and saw that they listed that your campaign has accepted contributions from the oil industry. Granted it is much less than the other folks running for office but anything is too much.

It’s time that this nation realizes that lifestyle changes need to be made. We can’t keep doing things the same way as oil production peaks and global warming impacts are happening at a faster rate than predicted.

You’re running for the Presidency. Take a leadership stance now and return the contributions from the oil industry. Refuse to accept any additional funds from that source.

You’ll have my vote either way. But it’s the right thing to do.

Ryan M. Williams

Also note that Obama claims he doesn’t take money from oil companies. The contributions come from citizens who happen to work for oil companies. Legally the corporations can’t contribute money directly to federal candidates — but their executives can contribute. So claiming you don’t take money from those corporations when legally they can’t contribute isn’t saying much. Such double-talk is common for politicians and disappointing from Obama. On the other hand the others all have received much more money.

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