Oil execs asked to justify huge profits

Oil execs asked to justify huge profits at Congressional hearing Lawmakers took them to task for making enormous profits but investing next to nothing in renewable sources of energy. They were also called to justify why they got $18 billion in tax breaks last year when their profits had hit $123 billion and oil prices […]

No more oil

At Oil Change International they have a new tool that shows the relationship between the candidates and oil money. I sent the following message to Barack Obama. I just went to priceofoil.org and saw that they listed that your campaign has accepted contributions from the oil industry. Granted it is much less than the other […]

An Inconvenient Truth

As surprising as it is we didn’t watch this movie until last night. I just placed a hold request for the book at the library. I thought the movie was well done. It didn’t change my opinion at all, since I already accepted the facts of global warming. It did serve as a good reminder […]

Has Peak Oil Gone Mainstream?

Matt Savinar’s post covers a number of interesting points. The fact is the true Peak Oil meme, which boils down to various ways of saying “we’re going to have to get by with a whole lot less in the future”, is never going to go mainstream. Not in a society where virtually everybody alive today […]

George W. Bush and Peak Oil: Beyond Incompetence by Richard Heinberg

Posted over at EnergyBulletin.net this essay by Heinberg is an excerpt from an upcoming book, The Case for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Heinberg has written other materials on Peak Oil.

Kunstler : Addiction

I’ve been waiting for this, eager to see what Kunstler had to say about Bush’s State of the Union speech. Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler : Addiction By now, President Bush’s wildly irresponsible remarks on energy in his state of the union speech may have already vanished down the memory hole, but the damage will […]

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