Three Weeks Already!

Hard to believe that it has been three weeks since Xander was born! To celebrate turning three weeks old yesterday, Xander got to go on an exciting trip down to the post office. He slept the entire walk.

Don't Accidentally Mail the Xander Bear!
Don't accidentally mail the Xander Bear!

Today he went on another exciting trip. This time to the library to see where Daddy used to work. And to visit the bears.

Ryan introduces Xander Bear to the library bears.
Ryan introduces Xander Bear to the library bears.

He slept through this too. In the afternoon he slept through a trip to the vets to get dog food. We wanted to know how much he’d grown so our vets nicely weighed the Xander Bear for us. In clothes he weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces! He’s gained a whole a pound since last weeks doctor visit.

With all the growing he’s doing this will probably be the last time he can wear his “going home from the hospital” outfit.

I'm just too cute!
I'm just too cute!

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  1. Why didn’t you weigh Xanderbear on the postal scale? First class priority cutiepie all the way. And did you get him ‘bear tags’ at the vet? hahahaha

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