Jack O’ Lanterns

Ryan’s parents brought us some pumpkins from their garden and today Ryan and Xander made Jack O’ Lanterns to decorate the porch. Xander was very excited by the carved faces but he refused to reach into the pumpkin and help scoop out the insides. He especially liked pointing at the face and saying “eye” over and over. Of course, he says eye for every facial feature right now. When Ryan lit the candles Xander got such an amazed look on his face, very cute! It was hard to get a photo of the carved faces because when I turned the pumpkins around Xander immediately turned them back facing him!  It took some persuading but Xander finally let me turn the pumpkins around so I could get a good photo of them.

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  1. Just saw the photos with the pumpkins. You have a really cute little guy. We miss having little ones. Enjoy them while you can.

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