Menu Plan Monday

I’m An Organizing Junkie hosts a menu planning link up each week and I’ve often browsed through to get fresh ideas for our menu. Since this week I actually had a menu (woohoo!) I decided to go ahead and link up. I don’t usually plan meals for specific days, just certain meals will happen this week and I chose what each day based on how things are going.

So this week we are having:


Leftover Lasagna

Linguine with Spinach Pesto

Ham and Broccoli Turnovers Ryan’s favorite dinner!

Homemade Pepperoni, Olive, and Mushroom Pizza

Pork and Sweet Potato Stew

Ham and Potato Soup (I added 2 cans of corn to the soup and then grated pepper jack into the bowl.)

Gingerbread Waffles

The lasagna is the only new recipe, though the linguine with spinach pesto was first tried last week. It’s a definite keeper, very tasty and easy! There are 8 meals planned so that I have options to change the meals around.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 replies on “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Menu planning always sounds good in theory… :o)

    I make a pork stew w/sweet potatoes (and reg. potatoes/carrots) in the crockpot that has a chili sauce base.
    Looking at the one you linked to, I have to ask: what the heck is pork chop suey meat?

    I think I’d be more inspired to type out menu plans if I could get a reward for an on-plan week: maybe a Moonstruck chocolate bar? Hmm…

  2. Heather I have no idea what chop suey meat is, I just by pork chops and cut them in to bite size pieces. (the recipe says if you can’t find chop suey meat to use boneless pork chops or pork loin roast) I also use red garnet yams (which are technically sweet potatoes) because those are my favorite. The mustard & brown sugar coating really does taste great. I love this stew but I always make it more brothy cause I like to dip squishy rolls in the broth and gobble it up.

    I gave up trying to write down what we’d have each specific night, cause I never knew what I’d feel up to cooking. So now I just make sure I have the ingredients for a range of meals, that seems to be working better.

    Just tried the new lasagna recipe and it is definitely a keeper, very yummy!

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