One can pumpkin puree! I know, absolutely know, we had a can of pumpkin puree on the shelf. I bought it for a recipe, I haven’t made that recipe yet– nor anything else that called for pumpkin– so it should be sitting right there on the shelf! Halfway through the recipe I turn to get it down and NO PUMPKIN!!!!

I’ve texted Ryan, thinking maybe they were having a food drive at the library and he took a can. Nope. I’ve removed all the canned goods from the shelves in case it got pushed to the back. Not there. How do you misplace a can of pumpkin puree?

Thankfully I have sweet potatoes, I’ve peeled them and they’re boiling waiting to be pureed. So at least I can finish the recipe but the mystery of the missing can is going to drive me bonkers!

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