My third book for the Speculative Fiction Challenge is Torn by Amanda Hocking. This is the 2nd book in the Trylle Trilogy and starts up right where the first one ended. In some series you could pick up any book in the series and read it and enjoy the book on it’s own— this is not one of those series. It really feels like one big book that has been cut up and published into 3 parts. I’m not complaining, I am really enjoying the books. This was another fun, fast paced tale and I had fun reading it.

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3 replies on “Torn”

  1. Well phooey, I realized I had “enjoy” in two sentences in a row so I switched one to fun, only to realize I said fun twice in the SAME sentence. Oh well. Not going to bother editing it yet again.

  2. Ooh, I would love to hear more about this book – Amanda Hocking has been receiving a lot of press for being a very successful self-published author! What made the story so fun? Is her writing decent? What other authors who were published through normal means would you compare her writing to?

  3. I really enjoyed the characters she created and the world was interesting. I haven’t read much fantasy recently so I don’t have any authors to compare her too. I felt her writing was up to par with many conventionally published authors though I did feel that it was really one large book, instead of 3 separate ones (I’ve felt that about some traditionally published series too).

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