Oil execs asked to justify huge profits

Oil execs asked to justify huge profits at Congressional hearing Lawmakers took them to task for making enormous profits but investing next to nothing in renewable sources of energy. They were also called to justify why they got $18 billion in tax breaks last year when their profits had hit $123 billion and oil prices […]

Green Power

Yesterday, just before we turned out the power, we also signed up for Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power program. The City of Lacey issued a Green Power Challenge and we’ve been meaning to sign up. Earth Hour seemed to be the appropriate time. We already try to do things to reduce our energy use. Our […]

Earth Hour

Today is the day for Earth Hour. Turn your lights off at 8:00 PM, local time, to help increase awareness of climate change. We’re going to take it a bit further and have a voluntary power outage for the hour. Which means that the server will be offline during that time today. The Climate Crisis […]

Solar Brownies

Today is another sunny day so I couldn’t wait to use the solar oven again. We’d run out of snacks so a treat sounded good. We checked out from the library so I looked inside and found an easy brownie recipe to try out. [thumb:580:l][thumb:579:l][thumb:581:l][newline] The recipe worked fine. I made a few adjustments to […]

Solar Cooking

The day is clear and sunny. A perfect day for using our solar oven to bake dinner. We took a lasagna out of the freezer yesterday. It’s still fairly frozen but hopefully later it’ll be nice and hot. [thumb:576:l] [thumb:575:l][newline] The oven was up over 100° F after a few minutes. At the moment it […]

Electricity Use

Over the last month we managed to bring down our electricity use quite a lot. Mostly we’ve just been better about turning things off and minimizing use of the heaters when they aren’t really needed. We still use more than I’d like but we only have a few more options to reduce usage in the […]

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