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The Dig Site

Our property has a hill rising up behind the house. The backside of the hill is probably the warmest spot here as the sun hits it at a nice angle. This is where Xander has made his dig site.

Xander digging.

This spoon ain't cutting it, I want a trowel!

Worf helping to dig.

At first he was just excavating rocks but now he likes to bring his cars and a bucket of water up to play with in the dirt. It gets pretty dirty but he sure has fun.

Washing the cars.

Putting more dirt on the cars.

Mud on his face.

We had several wonderfully sunny days last week and we spent the mornings up there. Xander digging and playing with his cars while our dogs, Poppy Seed, McCoy, and new pup Worf raced around him.

I want to build a comfy storage bench up there. A nice under the seat cubby to keep some digging toys, balls for the dogs, and a comfy cushion. That way I’d only have to make one trip carrying our snacks and his bucket of water versus the multiple trips with toys, camp chairs, etc…

Snack time!

Tired doggies.

Have I mentioned that Worf is a chewer?

Do you have any special places in your yard?

Going for a Walk

We had a beautiful sunny day today so we took a walk around the property.

Carrying his pail for rock collecting.

Saying "hi!" to the frog that lives in the planter's watering tube.

Tromping through the tall grass.

Posing for Mommy (who should have wiped the chocolate cake off of his face first!).

Conquering the log obstacle course.

"I did it!"

Just follow McCoy.

Big mossy tree.

Happy dogs.

The kids go marching one by one, hurrah hurrah!

"You keeping up Mommy?"

Heading for home (with a much heavier pail).

It was a wonderful walk!

Xander in the


We got a small wading pool this weekend. We’ve only filled it a few inches, just enough for Xander to splash around in. At first he wasn’t to sure about the pool but once he figured out he could splash, splash, splash he decided it was lots of fun.

I’m sure we will be spending lots of time in it this summer.

Independence Day!

Ryan’s parents came for a visit on the 4th.  Xander had a blast playing with them and we loved having them visit.

Father’s Day

Making it a tradition, Xander and Ryan got matching shirts for Father’s Day. We didn’t actually get a photo of them on Father’s Day but the next weekend they were both wearing their new shirts.

Ryan and Xander 2009

Father's Day 2009

Father's Day 2010

Father's Day 2010

Xander’s a small little guy, he can still fit into the 2009 outfit. It was baggy on him then and now it’s snug but it still goes on him. But even though he’s still small and doesn’t weigh very much it is amazing how much older he looks. He’s not a BABY anymore!!!!

Cherry blossoms!

The other morning Ryan went out early for a walk in the orchard and when he came back he asked if I had noticed that the cherry tree was blooming? Nope, hadn’t noticed it even though you can see it from the kitchen window! Since it turned out to be such a lovely day, Xander and I went out to see the cherry tree that afternoon.

Xander crawling

Let's go Momma!

Cherry Tree

Look at all the cherry blossoms!

Cherry tree

They're so pretty.

Xander didn’t want to stop at the cherry tree and kept on exploring.

Xander crawl

Just crawling along.

Xander walking

I can walk now!

Xander sit

But the grounds really uneven so I think I'll just sit.

cherry tree

Just exploring.


Checking out the dirt...


and the tall grass...


and some neat moss.

We had lots of fun exploring our hill and can’t wait until there are yummy cherries to eat!