Happy Easter!

We dyed our eggs last night. Well, not OUR eggs. Our chickens only lay shades of brown and I wanted some white eggs so that the dye would show up more so we bought some eggs. They had seriously wimpy shells, 4 cracked during the boiling process. I actually only got to dye a couple eggs since whenever I put an egg in a cup Xander would reach in and claim the egg for his own. Next year separate dye cups (I love dyeing eggs)!

No spoons for Xander! Even after a bath his hands are still dyed.
Xander loves dyeing eggs too!

This morning Xander woke to find that the Easter Bunny had been here and had hidden eggs and baskets. The Bunny had left some foam alphabet puzzles on the table and then the individual letters were hidden all over in plastic eggs. Xander was a little confused by the big letters and little letters (new concept– all his other letter toys are all capitals) but he had fun finding them and trying to put them in the puzzle.

Now where does this letter go?

We had a great morning and Xander had fun finding all the eggs and playing with his new toys and books (thank you to both sets of Grandparents!).

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