Doggy Disaster

Bad timing. Just as I stepped onto our patio to walk McCoy, the rottweiler from upstairs exited the hallway. McCoy leaped over basil planter catching his leash in the tomato cages. Down went the cages, mulch covers got ripped off, dirt (and baby plants) got all messed up. McCoy was tangled up in the tomato cages and just freaked, pulled his head out of his collar and took off.

Thankfully he just ran over to the very nice rottweiler and did his normal submissive belly rollover and pee performance. I was terrified that he would dash into the street but after greeting the other dog he just followed me back inside. Maybe this will cut down on his barking whenever the rottie is walked outside our patio.
Damaged boxes

In the exposed planters I did find signs of growth. There was even a seedling started in the tomato box.
Thai Tomato

Ryan is at a meeting so doesn’t know of the disaster yet. McCoy is sure to be in the dog house tonight!
In the doghouse

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