So many tomatoes, so little menu ideas…

We have a pile of tomatoes to use. We have Sungold cherry tomatoes from the CSA, and a similar (if not the same) type from Ryan’s parent’s garden, small red tomatoes from Ryan’s parents, big yellow Orange Blossom tomatoes from the CSA, and our first harvest of Thai Pink Egg tomatoes from our patio garden. Tomato overload!

We’ve already used quite a few cherry tomatoes in salads, we’ve had soft tacos which used some of the red tomatoes, and last night I made Eggplant Parmesan Plus. I used the eggplant parmesan recipe from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

I’ve made this recipe several times and we both really enjoy it. The “Plus” this time is I added zucchini, yellow squash (the kind that looks like a flying saucer), and sliced red and yellow tomatoes. It was a little bit more liquidy than normal but still quite yummy.

Eggplant Parmesan "Plus"

Of course our very first tomato meal of the season was BLT’s. Okay, BLT for Ryan who likes fresh tomatoes. I had a BLA– Bacon, Lettuce, and Avocado sandwich. Yum! Poppy Seed and McCoy sure thought it smelled yummy as Ryan cooked the bacon. They were making pests of themselves so I crated them. After awhile I noticed that Poppy looked weird, her legs were odd so I got a closer look.

Poppy’s Chair

She sat right on McCoy! There is plenty of room in that crate for both of them, they usually sit one in back and one in front. I guess the lure of bacon meant neither wanted to scoot to the back.

Patient McCoy

What a very patient McCoy. All this cuteness still did not get them any bacon. Though they did get sourdough bread and tomatoes.

So, does anyone have any menu suggestions to use up tomatoes? Ryan likes them raw or cooked, I only like them cooked. I’m thinking I’ll end up making them into tomato sauce. Unfortunately tomatoes are like chard, you have this huge amount but it cooks down to nothing!

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