O Christmas Tree

On the 10th we went to a local tree farm to get our Christmas tree. This was the first year we’ve had a car to get a tree with (last year we had the car but spent the holidays on Whidbey visiting family). I was glad we had the car and didn’t have to walk to get the tree as it was pretty rainy and cold on the 10th. The tree farm was nice and it didn’t take us long to find the perfect tree.
No matter how we get our tree home we amuse folks. Once when we carried a tree home from the store a fellow walking by asked “if we were taking our tree for a walk” and the tree farm we used when we lived near Evergreen always remembered us, amazed we would use a radio flyer wagon to take our tree home.
This year was no exception. The tree lot was filled with SUV’s and pickups. Putting our good sized tree into the back of the bug made the farm workers all grin and shake their heads. It is pretty amazing how much Dory can hold.
We had to wait for the tree to dry off before decorating it, gave us plenty of time to dig through the closet to get all the decorations out. It’s always fun looking at all the old decorations. This year I was surprised by the glass ball ornaments. I had gotten them for last year but then we didn’t have a tree so they were never even opened and I had forgotten all about them. They looked really neat, especially when a light was right behind them.

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