Poor, poor, pitiful me!

That is Poppy Seed’s current theme song. On Friday she went in to the vets to have her teeth cleaned and to have a growth on her side removed. This isn’t the first time she’s had her teeth cleaned so we already knew she’d be in pain from that (they really scrub them good!), add to that a gash in her side and our poor baby is miserable. All night long she was crying. And I mean ALL NIGHT LONG! I finally convinced Ryan to go sleep in his study since he had to work today and I tried to sleep while Poppy whined and whimpered all through the night. I felt awful, she was in so much pain. Or so I thought.

At about 4:30 her e-collar (the cone of shame) got caught on the blanket and was pulled off. Suddenly she was no longer crying! In fact she was bouncy and happy. All night long with the crying because she doesn’t like the cone! And I was all worried because I thought she was in agonizing pain.


Normally I would give her a break from the cone but I guess at the vets she was messing with her stitches because they said she needed to keep the cone on constantly for all 10 days, he even underlined it multiple times on the chart. So even though it is making her miserable she must suffer with the cone of shame. She is still fussing but is getting a little quieter, hopefully by bed time she’ll have accepted that we are not removing the cone.

They sent the growth to be analyzed and we should find out next week what it is. Then on Monday the 26th she’ll get the sutures removed and be freed from the cone of shame. At least this time she will walk with the cone on. The last time she had to wear a cone it was opaque and she turned into a statue, transparent plastic works much better.

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