McLane Creek Nature Trail

Today we went out to the McLane Creek Nature Trail with Poppy.
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McCoy stayed home. The plan was to take her out there today and then take him tomorrow since it’s easier to walk with just one dog. Poppy had a lot of fun even if we didn’t always walk fast enough for her.


According to the map there’s a 1.1 mile trail that runs around some beaver ponds. There’s also another path which cuts the loop in half. After we parked we headed up the nearest trail. It turned out not to be an ‘official’ trail and pretty much became over-grown. Of course that was after we’d already climbed a hill and started down the other side. We came out at the main trail-head and started off down the actual trail.


The more developed parts of the trail were covered with crushed rock. Not the most comfortable thing with bare feet. The dirt portions of the trail were much nicer to walk on. There are a number of other trails than the main loop. At one junction we took another wrong turn and wandered back around through the woods and ended up near our parking space again. By that point we’d all walked enough so we headed back to town.

Maybe when we take McCoy we can go the other way and stick to the actual trail loop.

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