Mima Mounds (of dirt)

Today we visited the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve. This is a 626-acre protected preserve of the Puget Lowland prairies. This area is covered in mounds of dirt. Mostly circular or elliptical, around 7 feet tall and 8+ feet in diameter. There are 8-10 mounds per acre. [thumb:686:l][thumb:687:l][thumb:688:l][thumb:692:l][newline] How were the mounds created? That’s a […]

Forced March

Today was McCoy’s turn for a trip out to McLane Creek Nature Trail. McCoy has a ton of energy. Taking it easy, going slow, stopping to appreciate the view, none of those things are in his vocabulary. His preference is to charge ahead as fast as possible. He doesn’t really understand why we are so […]

McLane Creek Nature Trail

Today we went out to the McLane Creek Nature Trail with Poppy. [thumb:637:l] [thumb:635:l][newline] McCoy stayed home. The plan was to take her out there today and then take him tomorrow since it’s easier to walk with just one dog. Poppy had a lot of fun even if we didn’t always walk fast enough for […]


We’re planning to start walking more. We had been walking with a plan of participating in the Capital City Marathon a couple years ago. While training I developed a problem with plantar fasciitis in both feet. It ended up squashing our plans and eventually led to buying a car and lots of different shoes as […]

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