Forced March

Today was McCoy’s turn for a trip out to McLane Creek Nature Trail.

McCoy has a ton of energy. Taking it easy, going slow, stopping to appreciate the view, none of those things are in his vocabulary. His preference is to charge ahead as fast as possible. He doesn’t really understand why we are so much slower than him.

Even so he’s a good boy. Most of the time he walked whether he wanted to or not. He stopped over and over so that I could take pictures. He even refrained from barking when we came across another couple with a Jack Russell terrier. Seeing his desire to move ahead quickly they nicely gave us room to go past.

This time we headed down the left-hand path and actually managed to stay on the main trail for the whole loop. Right at the start we had good views of the pond. People have obviously fed the ducks because as soon as we moved out onto the viewing platforms the ducks came cruising through the water plants to say hello. We didn’t encourage their behavior.

Many of the trails on this part of the path have been rebuilt or repaired recently so there are lots of nice boardwalks over the marshy areas.

The rain held off and we had a nice — if fast — walk around the loop.

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