First Farmer’s Market Trip 2008

The Olympia Farmer’s Market started it’s new season last week. We weren’t able to go on opening day but on Saturday we took our first trip to the market for this year. Because of the cold weather we’ve been having this spring and the flooding we had in December there aren’t as many farm booths up. Hopefully more will appear as the season goes on. We were still able to get 2 bags full of veggies, eggs, and a lovely bouquet of daffodils.

We also picked up a ball of sun roasted tomato and basil chevre, which Ryan put to good use as the filling for a batch of ravioli. Here, Ryan is making the sheets of pasta.
Adding the goat cheese filling.
The cut ravioli is waiting to be boiled.
The final product, a plate of delicious ravioli with sautéed mushrooms and leeks (also from the Farmer’s Market).

Do you have a Farmer’s Market near you? Search for one at Local Harvest.

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