Snow and Ice

Yesterday another snow storm moved in. The last has shut things down early for most of the week and this new storm did the same. It started snow heavily around 12:00 PM yesterday and continued into the late evening. But it also started getting warmer and late last night the snow changed to freezing rain.

When I went out this morning with the dogs they had troubles with the snow. McCoy has had fun in the snow but there’s a thick ice crust now on the snow that made walking difficult. Poppy managed following in our tracks but ran into trouble at the field. It was just too deep and too hard to walk on as her paws kept breaking through the ice crust. I ended up carrying her under the big tree (in the picture). McCoy struggled too but nothing much stops him or bothers him. Poppy got carried home too. 🙂

I doubt much is going to be happening today. It should get warmer, maybe the ice will melt but then it’s likely to refreeze and we’re supposed to get more snow on top of it tonight. We may not make it to our appointment tomorrow!!

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  1. We’ve been hit here as well (though, er, quite a bit more snow as you may imagine!) and my back aches from all the shoveling. Chris made the boys an amazing snow fort in the front yard. The drifts are well over Spencer’s head!
    Stay warm, folks!

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