7 Weeks!

Today Xander is seven weeks old! He’s up over 9 pounds now! Yesterday I took him out for a walk and put him in his bear suit for the last time, could barely get the thing zipped!

Tubby Bear
Tubby Bear

It’s great that he’s growing so much, a good sign that he’s healthy and everything is going well. But, at the same time it is just so sad. I’ve been packing away his clothes as he outgrows them and adding that adorable bear suit to the box is just to hard! He used to be so tiny!

At least he hasn’t outgrown his first pair of overalls yet, they’re still baggy on him.

I am so done with this photo shoot!
I am so done with this photo shoot!

Hopefully the next post won’t be about his first cold, Ryan is wiped out with a nasty cold and I’m just starting to get the sore throat and achey all over feeling. Really hope Xander Bear doesn’t catch it!

One reply on “7 Weeks!”

  1. Have I said before how absolutely SWEET that little baby is?!?

    Spencer has been helping me put the finishing touches on Xander’s package; gee, only a *little* bit late, right?
    I only wish we could present it in person and get some baby snuggles!

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