Xander’s getting so BIG!

Today is Xander’s 4 month-day. It was also his 4 month well baby checkup. He weighs 13 pounds 4 ounces and is 24 3/4 inches long. That puts him at the 25 percentile for weight and 50 percentile for height– both are up from his 2 month checkup. He’s had a nice growth spurt in between appointments.

At his well baby appointments we get to fill out a questionnaire about what developmental milestones he’s reached. You just answer yes or no to the questions, stopping when you’ve reached 3 different no’s. One of the questions was whether he had rolled over from belly to back 2 or more times, I circled no cause he’d only done it the once— and then he rolled over on the table! Ryan immediately put him back on his tummy and he rolled right back over again! Competitive baby, he wanted that to be circled yes!

Another question was when you hold a small object like a penny or a raisin in front of him does he focus on it? We were both kind of stunned, well we’d never thought to hold something like that in front of the baby– you’re supposed to keep small choke hazards away from the baby! Ryan found a paper clip and held it up in front of Xander and yes, he can focus on small objects.

All in all he’s a very healthy baby! Which we already knew. He’s also a very happy and easy baby. Which we already knew. Both our doctor and then later the nurse (though technically they’re both nurses since our primary care provider is a pediatric nurse practitioner) commented that he’s the kind of baby that makes you decide to have another. Which I found really funny since they pretty much said the same thing word for word.

Edit: I just pulled out Ryan’s baby book. At 4 months he was 24 inches tall and 13 pounds 12 ounces. So Ryan was a smidge shorter and a little bit pudgier than Xander, but not much of a difference!

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