Colder and more snow

More snow fell last night and it is colder today. Our road is a sheet of ice. The snow yesterday melted and left everything wet to freeze last night. Forecast today is for cold temperatures and maybe even more snow. It’s supposed to be cold tomorrow too, but no more snow. It might actually stick […]

More snow

It snowed more last night and this morning. We didn’t get much more than the last snowfall (which was already gone). Today the snow melted off again except for a few patches here and there. It was colder today, though, so the snow drifted around more. It’s supposed to be colder and snow more tonight, […]

First Snow 2006

[thumb:469:l][thumb:468:l][newline] We got up this morning to our first snow (slush) of the year. It’s raining now and I expect it’ll all be gone soon. According to the current forecast, though, we should be seeing some more snow later today or tonight and tomorrow. Possibly a couple inches. But then it’ll be raining and warmer […]


It has been hot here. It isn’t cooling off much at night either. The low last night was 73°F. There are some clouds this morning which made for an interesting sunrise. [thumb:412:l][thumb:411:l][newline] The effect only lasted a few minutes but it was very dramatic. Despite the clouds the forecast still calls for temperatures in the […]

Ferry County Trip

This past weekend we took a trip over to Ferry County. Eventually, after our debts are gone, we’d like to relocate to this area. We camped at Swan Lake, spent some time in Republic and drove around the county. We took a lot of pictures of the lake and chipmunks. [thumb:253:l][thumb:265:l][thumb:266:l][thumb:346:l][thumb:359:l][thumb:360:l][newline]

More Solar Cooking

Yesterday I made sun-baked cheese sandwiches in the sun oven. They came out nice and hot but probably would have worked better had I preheated the skillets in the oven as well. Today we’re considering baking a loaf of bread in the oven. At the moment I’m baking egg shells to crumble up and use […]

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