Poppy’s 5th Birthday

Today Poppy is 5 years old. It’s amazing how quickly time passes. She’s ornery, sweet, and funny. I didn’t have the day off work but we did enjoy a nice scrambled egg breakfast and had fun playing a game of fetch with a new tennis ball.

Doggy Disaster

Bad timing. Just as I stepped onto our patio to walk McCoy, the rottweiler from upstairs exited the hallway. McCoy leaped over basil planter catching his leash in the tomato cages. Down went the cages, mulch covers got ripped off, dirt (and baby plants) got all messed up. McCoy was tangled up in the tomato […]

More snow

Our dogs had fun out in the snow earlier today. It started as forecast sometime after midnight and fell until this afternoon before changing to frozen rain. McCoy discovered that the snow out in the yard was deeper than the snow closer to the apartment building. We got quite a bit of snow added to […]


Yesterday I carried home the Christmas tree. It really confused the guy where I bought the tree that I didn’t have a car to put the tree on. People just don’t think about walking anywhere — and can’t imagine walking while carrying something. The tree was a bit heavy but nothing I couldn’t manage. Once […]

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